[R] sequential processing

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Mon Jan 22 22:16:28 CET 2007

One option for processing very large files with R is split:
  ## split a large file into pieces
  #--parameters: the folder, file and number of parts
  cd $FLD
  fn=`echo $F | awk -F\. '{print $1}'`  #file name without extension
  ln=`wc -l $F | awk '{print $1}'`  #number of lines in the file
  forsplit=`expr $ln / $parts + 1`  #number of lines in each part
  echo "====== $F will be split in $parts parts of $forsplit lines each."
  split -l $forsplit $F $fn
You could also load the entire file into a DBMS then pull parts of it
into R, or read specific lines through a pipe e.g.
readLines(pipe("sed, grep, python... command")).

Don't try to replicate the SAS processing into R. The exact
translations of the SAS DATA STEP usage of _N_, first., last., retain
etc into R would be: inefficient, ugly, retrogressive, wrong, rigid,
complicated, silly and so on. For a start, read up on indexing - this
seemingly simple and innocuous R feature is in fact far more powerful
than the entire DATA STEP with its whole bag of tricks. Then search
the list for similar questions, for example

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> Like many others, I am new to R but old to SAS.
> Am I correct in understanding that R processes a data frame in a
> sequential ly?  This would imply that large input files could be
> read, without the need to load the entire file into memory.
> Related to the manner of reading a frame, I have been looking for the
> equivalent of SAS _n_ (I realize that I can use a variant of which to
> identify an index value) as well as  useful SAS features such as
> first., last., retain, etc.  Any help with this conversion
> appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Gerard Smits
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