[R] error in arules package

Frédéric Chiroleu frederic.chiroleu at cirad.fr
Tue Jan 23 08:05:56 CET 2007


we noticed there was a error in the "arules" package.

After reading the source code, we saw that the Dice similarity index was 
"miscalculated" in "dissimilarity" function : an copy-paste from Jaccard 
Index was not corrected (2* a_b_c, ie 2*(a+b+c) in the code instead of 
2*a +b + c !!!).

After our mail to R-help (21/11/2006), we thought the authors could do 
something but I just try the function and the error is still there.

I hope the authors will read my mail.

Sincerely yours,


Dr. Frédéric Chiroleu
UMR 53 PVBMT (Peuplements Végétaux et Bio-agresseurs en Milieu Tropical)
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