[R] double integral with C

Stefano matz at davide.it
Wed Jan 24 15:37:59 CET 2007

Hi all,
This is more a C querie rather than a R one:
I'm writing a C code passing a function F to adapt fortran subroutine. I
need to integrate over two variables of F, call them x1 and x2. Then I
call the C code in R to optimize the integrated F function.
for example F could be defined as
static double marg_like(const double *param,
            double x1,
            double x2){...........}
Then I integrate over x1 and x2 with

So here my question: I should I define x1 and x2? For the time being I
defined them as static variables, i.e.
static double x1;
static double x2;

but I'm pretty sure this is wrong

Any hint?
thanks in advance

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