[R] CGIwithR and visible output of 'invisible(capture.output(library(...)))'

Leo Gürtler leog at anicca-vijja.de
Sat Jan 27 22:12:47 CET 2007

Prof Brian Ripley schrieb:

Dear Prof Ripley,

thanks for your information, in my first email I mentioned that I use
Version 2.3.1 (2006-06-01) on ubuntu edgy. Sorry for leaving out the
version-no., together with R2HTML 1.58, installed
directly from R via 'install.packages()'.

Yes - you're right, there is a .deb called 'zlib-bin' which is
responsible (binary called 'miniunzip'). The original 'unzip' you
mention is also present but not used, because ->

trying to deinstall 'zlib-bin' leads to unresolved dependencies with the
_whole_ 'r-base-core' on ubuntu.

This is totally unintelligible, because the man-page of miniunzip states

"It was written as a  demonstration  of  the zlib(3) library and
therefore lack many of the features of the unzip(1) program."

And - of course - there is no option like '-q' or '--q'.

What are my opportunities besides the need to contact the
ubuntu-maintainers to change the dependencies? There must be stated
somewhere that R should call miniunzip instead of unzip to decompress
files. Where can I find that option?




> This is done by .onLoad, so your settings are irrelevant.
> We have no information here on your platform, version of R, R2HTML or
> anything else.  But almost certainly the problem is the command given by
> getOption("unzip"), which looks like an unzip clone not respecting the
> -q flag.
> Try using the 'real' unzip () instead, from http://www.info-zip.org/.
> On Sat, 27 Jan 2007, Leo Gürtler wrote:
>> Eric schrieb:
>>> library(R2HTML, verbose = FALSE)
>> Dear Eric,
>> thanks - I tried that, but that does not work for me. And it does not
>> depend whether R2HTML is loaded via script/ batch job (-> webserver,
>> cgi) or directly within R.
>> The same happens (of course) by using
>> require(R2HTML, quietly=TRUE)
>> Are there any further options I missed?
>> The problem seems to be that the file "R2HTMLstuff.zip" is extracted
>> every time (although this is not necessary) - how can I ged rid of that?
>> thanks,
>> best,
>> leo
>> ----output----
>>> library(R2HTML, verbose=FALSE)
>> MiniUnz 1.01b, demo of zLib + Unz package written by Gilles Vollant
>> more info at http://www.winimage.com/zLibDll/unzip.html
>> /usr/local/lib/R/site-library/R2HTML/output/R2HTMLstuff.zip opened
>> extracting: ASCIIMathML.js
>> extracting: factor.gif
>> extracting: gridR2HTML.css
>> extracting: gridR2HTML.js
>> extracting: numeric.gif
>> extracting: Pastel.css
>> extracting: R2HTML.css
>> extracting: R2HTMLlogo.gif
>> creating directory: runtime/
>> creating directory: runtime/lib/
>> extracting: runtime/lib/grid.js
>> extracting: runtime/readme.txt
>> creating directory: runtime/styles/
>> creating directory: runtime/styles/classic/
>> extracting: runtime/styles/classic/gecko.xml
>> extracting: runtime/styles/classic/grid.css
>> extracting: runtime/styles/classic/grid.png
>> extracting: runtime/styles/classic/icons.png
>> extracting: runtime/styles/classic/loading.gif
>> creating directory: runtime/styles/flat/
>> extracting: runtime/styles/flat/gecko.xml
>> extracting: runtime/styles/flat/grid.css
>> extracting: runtime/styles/flat/grid.png
>> extracting: runtime/styles/flat/icons.png
>> extracting: runtime/styles/flat/loading.gif
>> creating directory: runtime/styles/xp/
>> extracting: runtime/styles/xp/gecko.xml
>> extracting: runtime/styles/xp/grid.css
>> extracting: runtime/styles/xp/grid.png
>> extracting: runtime/styles/xp/icons.png
>> extracting: runtime/styles/xp/loading.gif
>> extracting: SciViews.css
>> extracting: tablesort.htc
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