[R] Multiple comparisons when interacction

Jorge Lampurlanes Castel jlampur at eagrof.UdL.es
Mon Jan 29 18:58:36 CET 2007

In the model:

  lm.1 <- lm(variable ~ BLOC + TIL * YEAR , data=selvanera)

I found TIL*YEAR interaction significant. Then I am trying to compare
means of the different levels of TIL inside every YEAR using:

  mc.2 <- glht(lm.1, linfct = mcp(TIL*YEAR="Tukey"))
  summary(mc.2, test = univariate())

but it does not work.

There is any way of doing this, like the SLICE option in PROC GLM (SAS)?

Thanks a lot,


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