[R] help with function "system" and MS-DOS command TYPE

Chen, Xiao jingy1 at ucla.edu
Wed Jan 31 05:23:13 CET 2007

Greetings -

I have a quick question that I hope someone will have a quick answer. I
have tried to use the R function "system" with the MS-DOS command "type"
to display the full content of a text file. But it always returns with a
message saying the text file is not found. I could accomplish the same
task with the "cat" command which is one of the unix-like commands that
I have installed on my windows machine. But I would like to know how it
would work with the "type" command.  

Here is what I have tried:

> zz<-file("d:/work/test/test.txt", "w")
> cat("this is a test\n", file=zz)
> close(zz)
> system("cat test.txt", show.output.on.console=T)
this is a test
> system("type test.txt", show.output.on.console=T)
test.txt not found

Thanks much for any help that you could offer. 


Xiao Chen
Statistical Consulting Group
UCLA Academic Technology Services

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