[R] Combine graphical and textual output

Dieter Vanderelst d.vanderelst at tue.nl
Mon Jul 2 11:08:46 CEST 2007


I would like to know whether anybody knows a simple way to combine 
textual and graphical output in R.

A typical analysis produces textual output (e.g. model fits) and plots 
in R. I would like to know whether R has the possibility of combining 
these into a single 'report' or output. An example of a program that 
does this is SPSS. After running the analysis you have a combination of 
textual output (tables) and plots that are easy to print and distribute.

I know of the possibility to embed R code into LATEX (using Sweave), but 
I wouldn't call this quick since a lot of coding will go into writing 
the Sweave file.

Any other suggestions?


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