[R] CCDF plotting - axis labels+overlay

drobin drobin at sandia.gov
Mon Jul 2 17:54:48 CEST 2007

My apologies in advance for what will probably be a poor post, but I'm very
new to R and, obviously, the R-help group.

What I am trying to do is plot the complementary cumulative distribution
function (aka survivor function) on log-log axes.

The cdf function with the oneminus=TRUE option in the heR.Misc package
almost does what I want to do with two problems. First, labeling the y-axis
seems to be a problem - I cannot get it to change.

Second, I would like to overlay ccdf's on the same plot. I can get them on
the same plot with new=TRUE.  However, when I try to scale the quartz window
(I'm on a Mac), the two ccdf's do not scale the same and they no longer line

I've wandered through the archives, but have not hit on solutions to the
above nor alternatives to heR.Misc for plotting the ccdf. Any insight would
be appreciated.

Many thanks, 

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