[R] MASS library rob.cov ellipse

Jenifer Larson-Hall jenifer at unt.edu
Tue Jul 3 06:53:50 CEST 2007

I used to get a really useful graph when I ran the following command
using the MASS library:

> cov.rob(cbind(dekeyser$AGE,dekeyser$GJTSCORE),cor=T)

Besides the regular output, a graph appeared that had the classical
correlation and the robust correlation, and two ellipses, one
surrounding the data that would be used in the classical correlation and
the other surrounding the data in the robust correlation. 

I've searched through the MASS library but don't see a separate command
that could produce this graph. Does anyone know whether one exists, or
did the graph just disappear in the newer version of R?

Thanks for any help,

Dr. Jenifer Larson-Hall
Assistant Professor of Linguistics
University of North Texas

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