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Roy Mendelssohn Roy.Mendelssohn at noaa.gov
Tue Jul 3 22:30:00 CEST 2007


We are having some very strange problems with R on WIndows, both with  
R 2.4.1 and R 2.5.0.  The following command:

> download.file(url="http://oceanwatch.pfeg.noaa.gov:8081/thredds/wcs/ 
> satellite/AG/ssta/14day? 
> request=GetCoverage&version=1.0.0&service=WCS&format=NetCDF3&coverage= 
> AGssta&Vertical=.0&time=2006-01-06T00:00:00Z&bbox=220,20,250,50",  
> destfile="junk.nc")

on my Mac downloads a netcdf file, which I can open just fine using  
the ncdf package, and displays just fine using the netcdf utility  
"ncdump -h"

The same command under Windows downloads a file with that name and  
with the correct size.  A cmp on the two files says there are  
differences, and using a hex editor confirms this.  The file produces  
a simple error  when using "open.ncdf" and in fact the ncdump utility  

  rmendels% /sw/bin/ncdump -h junk1.nc
/sw/bin/ncdump: junk1.nc: Invalid argument

There is clearly something corrupted in the Wndows version, and yet  
it works perfectly on my Mac.  I have produced this error on two  
different Windows machines with two different versions of R.

Any help appreciated

-Roy M.

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