[R] Me again, about the horrible documentation of tcltk

James MacDonald jmacdon at med.umich.edu
Thu Jul 5 22:45:36 CEST 2007

Hi Alberto,

It took me approximately 20 seconds to find all the arguments for this function. Here were the steps I took.

1.) Look at R help page ?tkgetOpenFile
2.) Hmmm. Lots of functions, but little info. But wait, what's this?



     There are far too many of these commands to describe them and
     their arguments in full.  Please refer to the Tcl/Tk documentation
     for details. With a few exceptions, the pattern is that Tk
     subcommands like 'pack configure' are converted to function names
     like 'tkpack.configure', and Tcl subcommands are like

3.) Type tkgetOpenFile at R prompt.

> tkgetOpenFile
function (...) 
tcl("tk_getOpenFile", ...)
<environment: namespace:tcltk>

4.) Google tk_getOpenFile.
5.) http://www.tcl.tk/man/tcl8.5/TkCmd/getOpenFile.htm 




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>>> "Alberto Monteiro" <albmont at centroin.com.br> wrote:
> How on Earth can I know what are the arguments of any of the functions of 
> the tcl/tk package? I tried hard to find, using all search engines 
> available, looking deep into keywords of R, python's tkinter and tcl/tk, but 
> nowhere I found anything remotely similar to a help.
> For example, what are the possible arguments to tkgetOpenFile?
> I know that this works:
> library(tcltk)
> filename <- tclvalue(tkgetOpenFile(
>   filetypes="{{Qorn Files} {.jpg}} {{All files} {*}}"))
> if (filename != "") cat("Selected file:", filename, "\n")
> but, besides filetypes, what are the other arguments to
> tkgetOpenFile? I would like to force the files to be sorted by
> time, with most recent files coming first (and no, the purpose is
> not to use for qorn files).
> Alberto Monteiro
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