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Mon Jul 9 03:02:27 CEST 2007

There are numerous ways of importing data from excel. One is to save as a
.csv and use the read.csv function. Or, you can copy to the clipboard and
use the read.delim("clipboard",header=T) function.

Are you looking at a bar graph where the lessons have the names nested below
them on the x axis, and the numbers on the y?

As these are all introductory elements of using R, going through the
numerous intro R manuals available online is your best bet. Try:
and also under "Contributed Documentation" at the above site.

cross123 wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I have a set of data in the following form, which are stored in an Excel
> file:
>                  nick       john       peter                 
> lesson1       0.465     0.498     0.473    
> lesson2       0.422      0.44      0.134           
> lesson3       0.45       0.35       0.543                      
> lesson4       0.590      0.64      0.11                      
> lesson5       0.543      0.5        0.32                      
> What I want to do is a 2d-graph plot where I will have  the name of the
> student in the X-axis and the name of the lesson in the Y-axis and the
> number from each pair will be used to construct the plot.
> I am newbie with R and I don't know which package shall I use nor the
> commands with which I will import my data in R so that the plot will be
> created...
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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