[R] histogram with absolute figures

Mag. Ferri Leberl ferri.leberl at gmx.at
Mon Jul 9 23:52:05 CEST 2007

Meanwhile I have recognized, that the breaks-option enforces density as
the default. But if I try to force frequencies (freq=TRUE) I get the
following feedback:

Warning message:
the AREAS in the plot are wrong -- rather use freq=FALSE in:
plot.histogram(r, freq = freq, col = col, border = border, angle =

And the machine hasn't promised too much: the result IS wrong.
Mag. Ferri Leberl

Am Freitag, den 06.07.2007, 16:17 -0400 schrieb Sarah Goslee:
> The default of hist() is counts rather than percentages.
> Sarah
> On 7/6/07, Mag. Ferri Leberl <ferri.leberl at gmx.at> wrote:
> > Dear everybody!
> > Is ist easily possible to make up a histogram with absolute numbers
> > instead of percentages?
> > Thank you in advance!
> > Yours, Mag. Ferri Leberl
> >
> > ___________________

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