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Unless you want to do this millions of times, efficiecy is probably not
a big issue here, but simplicity always pays off.

I'm presuming you are dealing with a single classification setup.

Let f (n x 1) be a *factor* defining the classes
Let X (n x p) be the data matrix.

Then the steps I would use to find the between and within SSP matrices,
'by hand' are as follows:

Tot <- scale(X, scale = FALSE)  	# sweep out the grand means
Res <- resid(aov(X ~ f))		# sweep out the class means

WSS <- crossprod(Res)			# within SSP matrix
BSS <- crossprod(Tot - Res)		# between SSP matrix


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Hi all,

I am working on cluster, I am trying to evaluate a within and between 
matrix. Is there any facility for that ? I did my own function, but I 
am not a programmer, so I am affraid I am not really able to programme 
efficiant and fast function...



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