[R] Changing default library

Julien Barnier jbarnier at ens-lsh.fr
Wed Jul 11 11:36:45 CEST 2007


> When I than do the command .libPaths() the result is:
> "/usr/lib/R/library" "/home/csc/usr/lib/R/library". But if I start R
> the next time the result of the command .libPaths() is again just
> "/usr/lib/R/library".

>From libPaths help page :

| The library search path is initialized at startup from the environment
| variable R_LIBS (which should be a colon-separated list of directories
| at which R library trees are rooted) by calling .libPaths with the
| directories specified in R_LIBS.



Julien Barnier
Groupe de recherche sur la socialisation
ENS-LSH - Lyon, France

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