[R] type III ANOVA for a nested linear model

Richard Rowe richard.rowe at jcu.edu.au
Thu Jul 12 01:55:24 CEST 2007

Mark Difford wrote:
> Indeed!  And, apropos of the expression, "to be Ripleyed" (and so be
> condemned to eating cookies for a long, long time), what about being
> "Billasted"?
> BestR,
> Mark.
> Simon Blomberg-4 wrote:
>> I second the nomination!
>> Simon.
>> On Tue, 2007-07-10 at 10:02 -0600, Greg Snow wrote:
>>> I nominate the following 2 pieces from Bill's reply for fortunes
>>> (probably 2 separate fortunes):
>>>> All this becomes even more glaring if you take the unusal 
>>>> step of plotting the data.
>>> and
>>>> What sort of editor would overlook this clear and 
>>>> demonstrable message leaping out from the data in favour of 
>>>> some arcane argument about "types of sums of squares"?  
>>>> Several answers come to mind: A power freak, a SAS 
>>>> afficianado, an idiot.
More seriously on this topic is the need to educate editors. Few editors 
in the biological field (real biology, biomed etc) appear to have, or if 
they have, to exercise, any sort of near current judgment on statistical 
methods, techniques or interpretations. Referees often have no knowledge 
of analysis and editors blindly back their referee ... (my own pet gripe 
here is being asked for replicates when showing the existence of a 
phenomenon ... The assertion 'all swans are black' is refuted by the 
observation of a white swan ... Referee: how many replicates did the 
researcher have? There appears to be a single sample here; where is the 
confidence interval on the proportion of white swans?).

A little learning is a dangerous thing ... (Pope) ... and most 
biological editors may have a compulsory undergraduate subject in their 
distant background, from which they remember 'Yates' correction' and 'no 
cell with fewer than 5 observations' (sic),

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