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Scillieri, John John.Scillieri at constellation.com
Thu Jul 12 16:49:03 CEST 2007

We use a program called Blat (www.blat.net) on Windows to email out
results of overnight runs. If you're on Unix/Linux you can definitely do
a similar thing using one of the hundreds of command line utils.

The R code is similar to below:

sendEmail <- function(from, to, subject, body)
  MAILSERVER <- "your mail server here";
  command <- paste(BLAT, "-", "-to", dQuote(to), "-server", 
    MAILSERVER, "-s", dQuote(subject), "-f", dQuote(from))
  system(command, input=body)


John Scillieri

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Hi everyone,

I did my homework and read the posting guideline :-)

I want to eMail the results of a computing automatically. So I get the
results (the parameters of a garch process) and I want to eMail them to
another person. How can I do that?

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