Luka Ležaić luka.lezaic at kclj.si
Fri Jul 13 05:49:26 CEST 2007

Hello all.

I'm working on a PhD thesis analyzing reproducibility/repeatability of a
nuclear medicine examination. I have two sets of data (50 patients each)
and 3 observers. In each case (patient), two variables are evaluated,
first with a range of 0..100 and second 1..3. Each case is also evaluated
twice by each observer (for additional intraobserver reproducibility).

I'm using R package psy to calculate ICC (the other method I'm using is
repeatability). My question with ICC is: how do I evaluate if the
difference between observers (and patient groups) is statistically

I have been searching through the R archives, but I haven't been able to
find an answer.

Thank you,

Luka Lezaic

Nobody is perfect. My name is nobody.

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