[R] ggplot usage question

Pete Kazmier pete-expires-20070910 at kazmier.com
Sat Jul 14 01:14:28 CEST 2007

Could someone show me how to get a blue line in this plot?

> ggplot(movies, aes(x=rating)) + stat_qq(geom="line",
    quantiles=seq(0,1,0.005), distribution=qunif)

I've tried many permutations but cannot seem to find the right
combination.  I've tried these flavors:

> ggplot(movies, aes(x=rating)) + stat_qq(geom="line", colour="blue",
    quantiles=seq(0,1,0.005), distribution=qunif)

> ggplot(movies, aes(x=rating)) + layer(geom="line", colour="blue", 
    stat="qq", distribution=qunif, quantiles=seq(0,1,0.005))

I also tried to use grid.gedit but could not figure out the
appropriate gpath to use.


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