[R] How to read many files at one time?

Don MacQueen macq at llnl.gov
Mon Jul 16 16:35:08 CEST 2007

Storing them as elements of list is fine, but if you want them as 
individual objects, then something like this (not tested):

for (i in seq( length(tst) ) ) {
    tmp <- read.table( tst[i] )    ## or read.delim() or read.csv(), 
as necessary
    assign( data.name[i],  tmp )


At 3:16 PM -0600 7/14/07, Zhang Jian wrote:
>I want to load many files in the R. The names of the files are "Sim1.txt", "
>Sim2.txt", "Sim3.txt", "Sim4.txt", "Sim5.txt" and so on.
>Can I read them at one time? What should I do? I can give the same names in
>For example:
>>  tst=paste("Sim",1:20,".txt",sep="") # the file names
>>  tst
>  [1] "Sim1.txt"  "Sim2.txt"  "Sim3.txt"  "Sim4.txt"  "Sim5.txt"  "Sim6.txt"
>  [7] "Sim7.txt"  "Sim8.txt"  "Sim9.txt"  "Sim10.txt" "Sim11.txt" "Sim12.txt"
>[13] "Sim13.txt" "Sim14.txt" "Sim15.txt" "Sim16.txt" "Sim17.txt" "Sim18.txt"
>[19] "Sim19.txt" "Sim20.txt"
>>  data.name=paste("Sim",1:20,sep="") # the file names in R
>>  data.name
>  [1] "Sim1"  "Sim2"  "Sim3"  "Sim4"  "Sim5"  "Sim6"  "Sim7"  "Sim8"  "Sim9"
>[10] "Sim10" "Sim11" "Sim12" "Sim13" "Sim14" "Sim15" "Sim16" "Sim17" "Sim18"
>[19] "Sim19" "Sim20"
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