[R] ?R: Removing white space betwen multiple plots, traditional graphics

Mr Natural drstrong at ucdavis.edu
Fri Jul 20 23:14:32 CEST 2007

I would appreciate suggestions for removing the white spaces the graphs in a

par(mar=c(2,2,1,1), mfrow = c(6,1))
mydates<-dates(1:20,origin=c(month = 1, day = 1, year = 1986))
plot(rnorm(20,0.1,0.1)~mydates, type="b",xlab="",ylim=c(0,1),xaxt = "n")
plot(rnorm(20,0.2,0.1)~mydates, type="b",xlab="",ylim=c(0,1),xaxt = "n")
plot(rnorm(20,0.3,0.1)~mydates, type="b",xlab="",ylim=c(0,1),xaxt = "n")
plot(rnorm(20,0.5,0.1)~mydates, type="b",xlab="",ylim=c(0,1),xaxt = "n")
plot(rnorm(20,0.7,0.1)~mydates, type="b",xlab="",ylim=c(0,1),xaxt = "n")
plot(rnorm(20,0.8,0.1)~mydates, type="b",xlab="",ylim=c(0,1) )

Thanx, Don
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