[R] Question about genalg in R

adschai at optonline.net adschai at optonline.net
Sat Jul 21 23:29:34 CEST 2007


I am first looking at genalg as a starting point for GA implementation in R. I have a couple of questions regarding this package and GA implementation in general. If you could provide some hints on these questions, I would really appreciate. Thank you in advance.

1. I found two methods for performing optimization based on the type of chromosome encoding, i.e. binary and float. I'm wondering if I have a representation that mixes between the two, is there any other methods or functions that I can use? If there is none in genalg, is there any such  implementation in other package?

2. This is a question on multiobjective optimization base on GA. I'm wondering if there is any implementation in R or known package that I can use? Thank you.

- adschai

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