[R] Multilevel package: Obtaining significance for waba within-group correlation?

Bertolt Meyer bmeyer at psychologie.hu-berlin.de
Mon Jul 23 12:14:45 CEST 2007

Hello everyone,

I am employing the waba method from the multilevel package for obtaining 
a within-group correlation (Description: 
Does anybody know a way or a calculation for obtaining a significance 
value for that correlation?

And another question: Does anybody know whether it is possible to save 
individual group-mean-centered values into a new variable?

I am quite new to R so please do apologize if either of these questions 
has an obvious answer that I didn't get.


 > package(multilevel)
 > data(bh1996)

 > waba(bh1996$HRS,bh1996$WBEING,bh1996$GRP)
[I would like to obtain the significance of the CorrW value]

Thanks for your help,

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