[R] Can I test if there are statistical significance between different rows in R*C table?

Yvonnick NOEL yvonnick.noel at uhb.fr
Tue Jul 24 07:49:11 CEST 2007

zhijie zhang a écrit :
> Dear Noel,
>   Your answers should be what i'm looking for.
>   Could u please show me the corresponding programs and the paper/book 
> for the theories?
I usually fit these models as conditional Poisson loglinear models, so 
the glm() function may be used. On the equivalence of binomial (or 
multinomial) and  loglinear models (conditionally to joint counts on the 
independent variables), see chapter 2 of:

Lindsey, J.K (1999). Applying Generalized Linear Models, Springer.

Also take a look at:


I have a small script that does the job, with an example script that 
should be self-explanatory:


Yvonnick Noel
U. of Rennes 2

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