[R] 2nd R Console

Michael Janis mjanis at chem.ucla.edu
Sat Jul 28 10:19:10 CEST 2007


I was reading a thread: [R] "2nd R console" and had a similar question
regarding having more than one R console open at a time.  However, my
question differs from that of the thread:

Is it possible, or is there a wrapper that will allow one, to open an
arbitrary number of R consoles which access the same R session (all objects
in that session, etc.).  This would be R on linux accessed through a shell -
kind of like using GNU screen multi-user such that people could work
collaboratively on a given session.  The problem with screen is that all
commands are interleaved in the same terminal, which is confusing and does
not allow access to the command prompt at the same time, rather it would be
sequential.  I know there will be "why" questions but it is useful in an
academic environment.  Basically we have a memory machine for large genomic
analysis - and we could set that up as an Rserver, but this placing R into a
multi-user engine is better suited for our immediate needs.  Does anybody
have thoughts on this?

Thanks for considering,

Michael Janis
UCLA Bioinformatics

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