[R] how to concatinate the elements of some text vectors cat() or print() ?

John Kane jrkrideau at yahoo.ca
Wed May 2 15:41:03 CEST 2007

I have some comment text taken from a SAS data file. 
It is stored in two vectors and is difficult to read.
I would like to simply concatentate the individual
entries and end up with a character vector that give
me one line of text per comment.

I cannot see how to do this, yet it must be very easy.
 I have played around with cat() and print with no
success.  Would someone kindly point out where I
am going wrong?


Simple Example:

 aa <- LETTERS[1:5]
 bb <- letters[1:5]
  cat(aa[1], bb[1])    # works for individuals 
 cat(aa,bb)            #(concatinates entire vectors)
# Using sink I might get it to work if I could figure
out how to escape a
# new line command. encodeString does not seem
appropriate here.
 harry <- c(rep(NA,5))
 for (i in 1:5 ) {
 cat (aa[i],bb[i])

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