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Thanks for replying Robert. Forgive me, it might be the hour or my
limitations, but I am a little unclear on how to implement your suggestion. 

In my original example,


A plot of the fraction of patients surviving following the procedure against
the number of days since the procedure would be generated for patients with
meld scores of less than 10. 

Similarly, if I wanted to generate a survival curve of patients with scores
of between 10 and 20, I can with the following:

 >plot(survfit(Surv(days,status==1),subset(tips,meld>10 & meld <20))

And for patients with meld>20,


But how do I display the curves in each cadre (meld<10, 10<meld<20, and
meld>20) on the same chart?

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? layout()
? par()


layout(matrix(c(1,2,3),1,3,byrow=TRUE) #3 plots side-by-side

Then use plot() three times to generate each of your graphs.

At 11:14 PM 5/2/2007, Greg wrote:
>I should clarify. I can generate plots for each category individually but
>not for all three on the same chart.
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>Hello all!
>I am once again analyzing patient survival data with chronic liver disease.
>The severity of the liver disease is given by a number which is
>variable. I have referred to this number as "meld"--model for end stage
>liver disease--which is the result of a mathematical calculation on
>underlying laboratory values. So, for example, I can generate a
>plot of patients undergoing a TIPS procedure with the following:
> >plot(survfit(Surv(days,status==1),subset(tips,meld<10))
>where "tips" is my data set, "days" is the number of days alive, and meld
>the meld score.
>What I would like to do is display the survival graphs of patients with
>meld<10, 10<meld<20, and meld>20. I am unsure about how to go about this.
>Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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