[R] help with plot axis

Rina Miehs rmi at danishmeat.dk
Thu May 3 10:33:22 CEST 2007

i have a plot, and want the axis too be with larger writing, i found some functions but they didnt work
this is my plot, and if the axis can be with bigger writing can the legend inside the plot be in same the size??
>plot(femsplot, xlab='Indeks',ylab='Kødprocent', pch=22)
>abline(lm(femsplot), lwd=1)
>points(firsplot, col='green', pch=2)
>abline(lm(firsplot), lwd=1, col='green')
>points(fjersplot, col='red', pch=8)
>abline(lm(fjersplot), lwd=1, col='red')
>legend(locator(1),legend=c('90 kg','80 kg','70 kg'),pch=c(22,2,8),lwd=1, col=c('black','green','red'))
i have attached the plot, so you can se it...
Thank you

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