[R] Error in if (!length(fname) || !any(fname == zname)) { :

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Fri May 4 12:55:56 CEST 2007

I suggest reading the chapter on debugging in 'Writing R Extensions' and 
using the tools described there (such as options(error=recover)) would be 
at least as effective.  Even traceback() would have helped the readers.

Note that there is no function 'cph' in R: presumably we are supposed to 
guess this is about package Design.

On Fri, 4 May 2007, Vladimir Eremeev wrote:

> For me, the simplest way to find, what is wrong, would be tracing the R code:
> library(debug)
> mtrace(cph)
> cph(Surv(time.sur, status.sur)~ strat(colon[,13])+colon[,18]
> +colon[,20]+colon[,9], surv=TRUE)
> ... then find the place of the error and analyze how to adjust the function
> call arguments to avoid the error and get the desired result.

Hmm, and then undo the effects ...

> hongyuan cao wrote:
>> I tried to fit a cox proportional hazard model to get estimation of
>> stratified survival probability. my R code is as follows:
>> cph(Surv(time.sur, status.sur)~ strat(colon[,13])+colon[,18]
>> +colon[,20]+colon[,9], surv=TRUE)
>> Error in if (!length(fname) || !any(fname == zname)) { :
>>         missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
>> Here colon[,13] is the one that I want to stratify and the others are all
>> coefficients. How can I solve this problem?  Thanks a lot!!!!!
>> Grace

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