[R] Simple question about function with glm

Ben Bolker bolker at zoo.ufl.edu
Mon May 7 05:58:52 CEST 2007

 <Bill.Venables <at> csiro.au> writes:

> Finally, I'm a bit puzzled why you use glm() when the simpler lm() would
> have done the job.  You are fitting a linear model and do not need the
> extra paraphernaila that generalized linear models require.
> Bill Venables. 

  Perhaps the original poster is confused about the difference
between general (a la PROC GLM) and generalized (glm) linear

  The code is also a little puzzling because the same tests
seem to be run whether p>0.05 or not.  Perhaps the code
will eventually be written to log-transform the data
if it fails the normality test?

 [ hint: ?boxcox in the MASS package might be a better way
to go ]

  Ben Bolker

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