[R] TukeyHSD fails on my data

Gav Wood news at gavofyork.fastmail.fm
Mon May 7 23:01:32 CEST 2007

Prof Brian Ripley <ripley <at> stats.ox.ac.uk> writes:

> We don't have the data (nothing useful was attached - see the posting 
> guide for what you can attach), but it looks like you should be using the 
> 'which' argument to TukeyHSD.
> > But I get this back:
> >
> > Error in rep.int(n, length(means)) : unimplemented type 'NULL' in 'rep'
> > In addition: Warning messages:
> > 1: non-factors ignored: task in: replications(paste("~", xx), data = mf)
> > 2: non-factors ignored: id in: replications(paste("~", xx), data = mf)
> >
> > Can anyone shed any light on the situation?

The problem was, as Jeff Laake adroitly pointed out, I had failed to tell R that
the latter two independents were factors. It was easliy fixed with as.factor().

Thanks folks,


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