[R] xyplot with grid?

Gav Wood news at gavofyork.fastmail.fm
Wed May 9 19:32:45 CEST 2007

Hello folks,

So I'd like to use the lattice xyplot function, but here's the thing; 
I'd like a grid on it and a bit of annotation (line and text).

So I tried just using the panel.grid, panel.text and panel.line but they 
didn't work after the plot had been called seemingly using the device 
coordinate system. So I made a new proxy panel function (calling 
panel.xyplot and passing the x/y/groups/subscripts args) put them in it, 
and they started working well.

Only problem is that xyplot no longer plots the key; I still pass 
auto.key to into the high-level function, but no key gets plotted. 
What's the best way to get what I want?



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