[R] a question about spatial autocorrelation in R

smarchesi at arpa.emr.it smarchesi at arpa.emr.it
Mon May 14 09:19:59 CEST 2007

Dear all,

I am currently facing a problem related to the spatial autocorrelation of 
a sample of stations; these stations supply weekly data for a fixed 
time-window during the year (namely, 4-6 months per year).

For this reason I'm trying to use the R package 'spdep' (specifically 
Moran's I) in order to get rid of it.

Does anyone know how is it possible (if it is...) to estimate the spatial 
autocorrelation of this kind of data ? In other words, in the examples I 
could only see applications of Moran's I related to a "time-independent" 
distribution of data from any sample of stations.

Another question's coming up right now: if I change the sample of stations 
for a future development, is there the chance to get an estimation of the 
degree of spatial autocorrelation, given only the geographical location of 
the sampling points ?

Thanks a lot for the attention !!!

Stefano Marchesi
Environmental Epidemiologic Unit
Environmental Protection Agency - ARPA Emilia Romagna
Via Fontanelli 23 - 41100 Modena (Italy)
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fax: +39 059 241312
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