[R] set ignore flags for R CMD check

Arjun Ravi Narayan arjunravinarayan at gmail.com
Mon May 14 18:14:16 CEST 2007


I want to create an R package, with an Rnw file, and distribute it.
However, I have restrictions on certain parts of my data, so I have a
makefile which deletes the specific data upon creation of the package.
However, I want my package (including the Rnw file which now
references the  deleted data), to pass an R CMD check. Is there a way
to set up the package to not re-check that Rnw file?

One way I thought of was to have the Rnw file renamed and put in as a
documentation, so that it is still referencable as a documentation
file, but is there a better way to flag R CMD check on what it should

Arjun Ravi Narayan
arjunravinarayan at gmail.com

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