[R] Filled step-function?

Beate Kowalczyk beate.kowalczyk at googlemail.com
Wed May 16 10:32:59 CEST 2007


I'd like to generate a filled step-function in R as you can see in the 
attachement (image is generated by grapher, but I need a freely 
available alternative). The problem is, that I don't know, how to fill 
it up. My code right now looks like this:

pH <- c(0,6.1,6.1,6.3,6.6,7.3,0)
Tiefe <- c(0,0,10,40,80,120,10)
plot(pH,Tiefe,type="s",main="Tiefenfunktion pH",ylim=c(120,0),xlim=c(0,23))

Can someone give me an hint how to work on this?

Thanks, Beate

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