[R] repeated measures regression

John Christie jc at or.psychology.dal.ca
Thu May 17 19:05:50 CEST 2007

How does one go about doing a repeated measure regression? The  
documentation I have on it (Lorch & Myers 1990) says to use linear /  
(subj x linear) to get your F.  However, if I put subject into glm or  
lm I can't get back a straight error term because it assumes  
(rightly) that subject is a nominal predictor of some sort.

In looking at LME it seems like it just does the right thing here if  
I enter the random effect the same as when looking for ANOVA like  
results out of it.  But, part of the reason I'm asking is that I  
wanted to compare the two methods.  I suppose I could get it out of  
aov but isn't that built on lm?  I guess what I'm asking is how to  
calculate the error terms easily with lm.

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