[R] I made some progress on my previous "systemfit" question but still not quite there

Martin Becker martin.becker at mx.uni-saarland.de
Thu May 24 09:44:45 CEST 2007

Leeds, Mark (IED) schrieb:
> Surprisingly, I played around with some test code and below actually
> creates equations that look correct.
> tempmat<-matrix(10,nrow=6,ncol=6)
> restrictmat<-diag(6)
> colnames(tempmat)<-c("AUD.l1","CHF.l1","CAD.l1","GBP.l1","EUR.l1","JPY.l
> 1")
> rownames(tempmat)<-c("AUD","CHF","CAD","GBP","EUR","JPY")
> eqn<-list()
> for ( i in 1:6 ) {
> datares <- tempmat[, which(restrictmat[i, ] == 1),drop=FALSE]
> eqn[[i]]<-paste(rownames(tempmat)[i]," ~","-1","+",colnames(datares))
> print(eqn[[i]])
> }
> The only problem now is that I don't know how to name them so that
> I can do the
> system<-list( demand = eqDemand, supply = eqSupply)
> part that systemfit needs. In fact,  I don't know how to name the actual
> equation eqDemand or the named part demand.

I am not sure, what you want to do exactly, but I suppose you need
   eqn <- lapply(eqn,as.formula)
somewhere after creating eqn. You can assign names to the equations via
but this is not necessary, you can simply pass the equations with
and optionally specify the names of the equations with eqnlabels=.... 

If you want multiple systemfit calls for subsets of the equations, you 
should be able to select the equations via [], e.g.,
eqns=eqn[1:2] for the first and second equation.



> I would want demand to be "AUD", supply to be "CHF", etc. If someone has
> time to run the code, they would see what I mean. 
> Thanks a lot.
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