[R] GUI component Margin on tkcanvas, tkframe or tktoplevel

Hao Liu hao.liu at bms.com
Thu May 24 21:52:49 CEST 2007

Dear gurus:

I have a question on how to configure the margin layout on tcl/tk GUI 
objects like tkcanvas, tkframe or tktoplevel.
For example, if I want to leave a larger margin on the left side of the 
GUI container, which one should I configure, the toplevel or tkcanvas or 

canvas<-tkcanvas(top, relief=, borderwidth=...)

I also find the documentation for all the possible arguments that could 
be passed to tktoplevel, tkframe, tkcanvas, tk.wm, tkconfigure is not 
good. I wonder if there are good resource for it... at the very least, I 
know I need to look at what arguments that tck/tk takes... but I don't 
have time to go that far.


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