[R] windows to unix

Barry Rowlingson b.rowlingson at lancaster.ac.uk
Fri May 25 18:55:16 CEST 2007

Martin Maechler wrote:
>>>>>> "Erin" == Erin Hodgess <hodgess at gator.dt.uh.edu>
>>>>>>     on Fri, 25 May 2007 06:10:10 -0500 writes:
>     Erin> Dear R People:
>     Erin> Is there any way to take a Windows version of R, compiled from source, 
>     Erin> compress it, and put it on a Unix-like environment, please?

> Just 'zip' the corresponding directory and copy the zip
> file to your "unix like" environment.

  You can take a Windows-compiled R to Unix, but you can't make it work....

  The big unasked question is 'What is this unix-like environment?'.

  Linux isn't Unix, so maybe you mean that, in which case you'll not 
make your Windows compiled R run. Not without 'Wine' or some other layer 
of obfuscation.


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