[R] Rpad examples having problems with local server

Charlie Chi tsang0323 at hotmail.com
Sun May 27 05:37:48 CEST 2007

Hi, this is Charlie. I have installed the Rpad on my server (using Fedora 
Core 6 with httpd2.24-2, mod_perl 2.0.2-6.1, perl 5.8.8 from RPM). When I 
access to the Rpad (through http://localhost/Rpad/basehtml), it shows me 
the main page as normal, however, problems occurs when I am testing the 
examples. It shows me a long message like: 
#!/usr/bin/perl -w 

#The following line is a test script to see if it works. 

use Statistics::Rpad; 
use strict; 
use CGI qw/:standard send_http_header/; 
use Cwd; 
and so on 
Does it mean that perl is not found in my machine? I have checked my perl 
in path/usr/bin/perl and it is there.
Moreover, when I was installing Statistics-R_perl_interface, it shows me 
(Can't locat object method "startRShared" via Statistics::Rpad" at test.pl 
line 21) but I still keep making install. Therefore, I am wondering if I 
successfully installed
Rpad on my server or not. Thank you for helping me.



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