[R] separate y-limits in xYplot panels

Nitin Jain nj7w at yahoo.com
Wed May 30 17:12:06 CEST 2007


I would like to get the scales of y-axes dependent only on the data points in a particular panel. Have attached a test example below.
When using 'relation="free"', it does not make the scales 'free', however when using 'relation="sliced"', I get a warning "Explicitly specified limits ignored in: limitsFromLimitlist(have.lim = have.ylim, lim = ylim, relation = y.relation," (although in this particular case, I get the desired result, but in my real data, I do not get the free y-scale for each panel). Can you please let me know what should be correct syntax?



test1 <- data.frame(
                    y = c(rnorm(33), rnorm(33, mean=10),
                    rnorm(34, mean=100)),
                    x = 1:100,
                    f = factor(c(rep("a", 33), rep("b", 33), rep("c", 34))),
                    g = factor(sample(LETTERS[1:2], size=100, replace=TRUE))

CI <- rnorm(100)
lb <- test1$y - CI
ub <- test1$y + CI

xYplot(Cbind(y, lb,ub )~x|f,
       scales = list(relation="free"), ## Changing it to sliced gives warning


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