[R] sizing and saving graphics in R

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Thu May 31 08:25:17 CEST 2007

Why not plot directly to a bitmapped format, using bmp() or png()?
That way you can create a large 'display region' when you open the device.

BTW, I guess you are on Windows but you did not say so: bmp() only exists 
on Windows.

On Wed, 30 May 2007, Felicity Jones wrote:

> Dear R wizards,
> I am seeking advice on graphics in R.  Specifically, how to manipulate
> the size and save a plot I have produced using the LDheatmap library.
> I confess I am relatively new to graphics in R, but I would greatly
> appreciate any suggestions you may have.
> LDheatmap produces a coloured triangular matrix of pairwise
> associations between 600 genetic markers in my dataset.  Initially the
> graphical output was confined to the computer screen, such that each
> pairwise marker association was displayed as approximately 1 pixel
> (too small for me to interpret).
> I have successfully managed to play with the LDheatmap function to
> enlarge the size of viewport by changing the following code in
> LDheatmap
> #From
> heatmapVP <- viewport(width = unit(0.8, "snpc"), height = unit(0.8, "snpc"),
>                        name=vp.name)
> #To
> heatmapVP <- viewport(width = unit(25, "inches"), height = unit(25,
> "inches"), name=vp.name)
> This produces a much larger plot (so big that the majority is not seen
> on the screen).  I would like to save the entire thing so that I can
> import it into photoshop or some other image software.
> My problem is that when I save using the R graphics console
> (File->Save As->bmp), it only saves the section I can see on the
> screen.  Any suggestions on how to save the whole plot or manipulate
> the plot so I get higher resolution would be much appreciated.
> Thanks for your help in advance,
> Felicity.

> Dr Felicity Jones
> Department of Developmental Biology
> Stanford University School of Medicine
> Beckman Center
> 279 Campus Drive
> Stanford CA 94305-5329

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