[R] A matrix with mixed character and numerical columns

michael watson (IAH-C) michael.watson at bbsrc.ac.uk
Thu May 31 14:32:01 CEST 2007

What I am trying to do is create an x-y plot from the numerical values,
and the output of row() or col() gives me an excellent way of
calculating an x- or y- co-ordinate, with the value in the data.frame
being the other half of the pair.

Thanks for the code, Petr - I'm sure you would agree, however, that it's
a bit 'clumsy' (no fault of yours).

Can we just adjust row() and col() for data.frames?

col <- function (x, as.factor = FALSE)
    if (is.data.frame(x)) {
      x <- as.matrix(x)
    if (as.factor)
        factor(.Internal(col(x)), labels = colnames(x))
    else .Internal(col(x))

row <- function (x, as.factor = FALSE) 
    if (is.data.frame(x)) {
      x <- as.matrix(x)
    if (as.factor) 
        factor(.Internal(row(x)), labels = rownames(x))
    else .Internal(row(x))

Is there any reason why these won't work?  Am I oversimplifying it?

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> Is it possible to have one?
> I have a data.frame with two character columns and 6 numerical
> I converted to a matrix as I needed to use the col() and row()
> functions.
> However, if I convert the data.frame to a matrix, using as.matrix, the
> numerical columns get converted to characters, and that messes up some
> of the calculations.
> Do I really have to split it up into two matrices, one character and
> other numerical, just so I can use the col() and row() functions?  Are
> there equivalent functions for data.frames?

AFAIK I do not remember equivalent functions for data frame. If you just

want column or row index you can use

1:dim(DF)[1] or 1:dim(DF)[2] for rows and columns

if you want repeat these indexes row or columnwise use

rrr<-rep(1:dim(DF)[1], dim(DF)[2])
matrix(rrr,dim(DF)[1], dim(DF)[2])

rrr<-rep(1:dim(DF)[2], dim(DF)[1])
matrix(rrr,dim(DF)[1], dim(DF)[2], byrow=T)


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