[R] plotting variable sections of hourly time series data using plot.zoo

Jan.Schwanbeck at hydrologie.unibe.ch Jan.Schwanbeck at hydrologie.unibe.ch
Thu May 31 15:54:13 CEST 2007

Dear list,

I have to look examine hourly time - series and would like to plot variable
section of them using plot.zoo.

Hourly time series data which looks like this:

YYYY MM DD HH    P-uk    P-kor   P-SME   EPOT    EREA     RO     R1
R2      RGES   S-SNO     SI    SSM       SUZ    SLZ
 2003  1  1  1        0.385   0.456   0.021   0.000   0.000   0.000   0.013
0.223   0.235    0.01    0.38   74.72    0.96  736.51
 2003  1  1  2        0.230   0.275   0.028   0.000   0.000   0.000   0.012
0.223   0.235    0.03    0.56   74.72    0.94  736.37

#With help of read.table I got  the data into R :

DF <- read.table(file=fn,header=FALSE,skip=2)

#Substitute the header:

names(DF) <-

#Create datetime vector

DF$datetime <- with(DF,chron(paste(month,day,year,sep="/"))+hour/24)

#Try to convert DF into ts - object DFts

DFts <- as.ts(DF)  # works, but gives back: Warning message: Class
information of one or more columns was lost.???

#Try to convert DF into zoo - object DFzoo

DFzoo <- as.zoo(DFts)

#Plot of whole time series skipping first 5 and last 3 columns

plot.zoo(DFzoo[ ,6:ncol(myDFzoo-3)])

# works, but  x-axis labels are numbers from 1 to ...last hour

I would like to use plot.zoo  for plotting:
-  the whole period (3years)  --> axis-labels month and year
-  section of few days defining begin and end as date  --> axis-label day
and month (may be hour)

Afer long tries with "as.Date" and Co. I still didn't get any useful

Further is there any possibility to define the plot window using two
variables like:

begin <- "22/2/2003 01:00:00"
end <- "26/3/2003 07:00:00"

to plot the time series section in between this two dates?

I am even not sure if the zoo package was the right choise for my problem.

Thanks a lot in advance

Best regards


University of Berne

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