[R] recompile R using ActiveTcl

James Foadi james.foadi at diamond.ac.uk
Thu May 31 19:26:12 CEST 2007

Dear all,

While running some code requiring the "tcltk" package I have realised that my 
version of R was compiled with the Tcl/Tk libraries included in Fedora 6. It 
would be for me better to use the ActiveTcl libraries (which I have 
under /usr/local), and I'm aware that this probably means to recompile R with 
the proper configuration variables.

But...is it by any chance possible to "just" recompile the bit affected by 
Tcl/Tk, like, for instance, to install tcltk with some environment variable 
pointing at the right ActiveTcl library?

Many thanks for your suggestions and help.

Dr James Foadi
Membrane Protein Laboratory
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United Kingdom

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