[R] sd with n not n-1

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This is pretty simple. If you are new to programming with R, please read
the "Introduction to R" at


This will answer most of the basic questions, but it requires more time
than typing out an email.

If you still have questions, please 

  1. Read the posting guide when writing your message. 

  2. Provide a specific question rather than asking us to do the work
for you. What part of this are you stuck on?

We are happy to *help*, but you will have to do more. What you need is
probably a few lines of code, but we try to encourage people to think
about the solution a bit so that they don't email the list with every
question that they have. 



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> need a version of sd [or var] to return population standard deviation
> (using n rather than n-1 denominator) that will operate on a dataframe
> containing missings, i.e. unequal n's. any ideas? thx, ted.

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