[R] Move R to a clean Linux install from an old install

Pekka Horttanainen pekka.horttanainen at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 17:03:04 CET 2007

Hi everybody! I just joined, I started using R a few weeks ago and it
seems to be a really versatile system. Last weekend I
half-accidentally installed all R packages to my computer. Independent
of this (at least I hope), I managed to break my Kubuntu's KDE and so
far haven't been able to repair it even with the Kubuntu Forums' help
(I can start KDE as root but apparently this has broken my install
even further :(

However, I found several links that may allow me to save my GBs of
downloaded Linux programs so that at least I would't have to download
everything again (which is nice, since I don't have internet at home,
only at work) when I do a clean reinstall of my Kubuntu, like

So this solves the problem of software repositories. But what about R?
What is the best way to transfer my R packages (I guess the R itself
goes with the Ubuntu downloaded files and I thought R's packages are
separate, if I'm wrong the problem does not even exist!) to the new
install? Although the installation of the packages actually took
longer than downloading them, I still prefer not to download them
again, if that's possible (due to the lack of internet at home).

I apologize if this subject has been dealt with, I tried to search
internet and the mail list archives, but the closest thing I found
dealt with new R version install (although the solution to my problem
must be similar).


Pekka Horttanainen

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