[R] how to ignore errors

Jiang Peng jp021 at sjtu.edu.cn
Mon Dec 1 09:17:26 CET 2008

  Dear listers,

  Hi .

  I googled before I ask this question in case to avoid violating the  
"list law". The question was proposed by somebody else but nobody  
gives a proper solution.

  How to ignore errors in a R loop? I have a R source file ,namely,  
  I ran a loop in a command line

  > for(i in 1 : 100 ) {source("test.r",echo =T ) }

  and I found that when test.r have some error the loop will stop, but  
test.r is just stochastically wrong,i.e., sometimes it works well if  
no bad values return.
  I want to know how to ignore such errors and let the loop continue.

thanks in advance.

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