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Frede Aakmann Tøgersen FredeA.Togersen at agrsci.dk
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How about doing something like:
x <- 1:100
y1 <- 1 + 2*x + rnorm(x)
y2 <- 2 + 3*x + rnorm(x)
lm(cbind(y1,y2) ~ x)

This is much faster.

Yours sincerely / Venlig hilsen

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I had a database with some variables in sequence. Let me say: TX01, TX02,
TX03 and TX04.

But I need to run some regressions changing the variables... so:

variable <- paste("TX0", 1:4, sep="")

for(i in 1:4){
test[i] <- lm(variable[i] ~ INCOME, data=database)

But doesn't work... lm tries to find a variable inside database named
variable[i] ...


King regards!

Raphael Saldanha

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