[R] applying a function to another function

Carlos Cuartas umberto_1010 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 3 21:51:52 CET 2008

I did a function (sec_conop) whose arguments are syndic,
well and wellconop. 
This function takes “well” and “syndic”, matching between
them and then it does some transformations. The result is exported to
I will apply this function to one hundred different “wells”.
Therefore, for each well I use, the “wellconop argument will change too.
For intance if “well” is now well-2.csv, the function will be 

I am trying to apply this function automatically to all
“well” I have, but I do not find the way.
The last I tried, for three different “wells”, was :

funct_3wells<-paste(wells$funct,"'",wells$syndic,"'", ","
,"'", wells$well,"'",
"," , "'" ,wells$wellconop,"'",")",";","closeAllConnections()",sep='')
This way works partially because the results in “wellconop”
are truncated. 
Has anyone any suggestion?

Thanks in advance



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